BBC: Fraud Epidemic 'Now National Security Threat'

In the COVID-19 era, most businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely where possible. Whilst this provides duty of care towards the employees' health during a pandemic, it increases the vulnerability of another asset: data.

According to an article published by the BBC today, fraud has reached epidemic levels in the UK and should be seen as a national security issue. This is according to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Here are some stats from the report by RUSI:

  • "The scale of credit card, identity and cyber-fraud makes it the most prevalent crime, costing up to £190bn a year."
  • "The report argues that the scale of fraud against the private sector has an impact on the reputation of the UK as a place to do business."
  • "The Crime Survey for England and Wales found 3.7 million reported incidents in 2019-20 of members of the public being targeted by credit card, identity and cyber-fraud."
  • "Fraud has the potential to disrupt society in multiple ways, by psychologically impacting individuals, undermining the viability of businesses, putting pressure on public services, fuelling organised crime and funding terrorism"

What preventive measures has your business taken to combat cyber-fraud? How do you keep your data secure and GDPR compliant?

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