Interview with Andrew Douglas about AvioNexus Launch via EVA

EVA (Executive and VIP Aviation International) interviewed AvioNexus Founder and Managing Director Andrew Douglas following our official launch.

Click here to read the article, where Andrew explains in his own words what inspired him to create AvioNexus and what our core principles of simplicity, security and visibility mean when it comes to GDPR compliance.

Below is a snippet from the interview:

Managing Director Andrew Douglas, who has worked in the business aviation and charter industry for 14 years running Air Advantage and At Pretium Jet Charter, saidFrom our own experience and from talking to others in the industry we found there was a huge calling for a platform like this. There were little to no solutions available with any existing software being outdated or not solving the full problem; either from a security view or passenger management. Therefore, we decided to make one ourselves, creating one piece of management software to tackle the lengthy and time-consuming processes, whilst deliberately building in the very important and current focus on GDPR and data security“.