AvioNexus is a software as a service (SaaS) by MakeTechFly that has been created for the private aviation sector around the principles of security, simplicity and visibility by CEO and founder Andrew Douglas.

AvioNexus was created so you can:

  • Put the passenger first, giving them full visibility of the flight, crew, transportation, luggage, FBO and catering details, all updated in real time.

  • Comply with international data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA). Ensure that your passengers’ data is kept secure and you are compliant with data regulations in your place of business. We use bank levels of cyber security, full data encryption and biometric scans to protect you from fraud.

  • Be in control of your data. Your data, your choice. All personally identifiable information (PII) is deleted from AvioNexus as soon as it is no longer needed. The length of time is determined by each individual data owner when they register for their account.

  • Reduce unnecessary email traffic and margin of error. Passengers can add their own passport information, which is verified using biometric scans. This ensures the accuracy of the data whilst maintaining its safe transmission. If passport data is missing for a flight, all parties involved will be notified (the passenger, broker, aircraft operator, FBO).

  • Collaborate without compromise. AvioNexus enables passengers (and/or their respective personal assistants), brokers, aircraft operators and FBOs to securely communicate within the same platform without compromising any of their confidential data.

AvioNexus enables passengers, brokers, operators, crew, and FBOs to prioritize the passengers’ flight experience, collaborate securely under one GDPR-compliant virtual ecosystem, protect themselves from fraud through identity verification via biometric scans and bank levels of data encryption, and reduce unnecessary email traffic.

We believe that efficiency and security should never be compromised. We are here to empower you to decide what happens to your data.

Find out more by contacting us via enquiries@maketechfly.com or sign up for a free demo!