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What is AvıoNexus?

AvıoNexus is designed for the industry by the industry. Created to simplify the process of managing private flights every step of the way. Saving you time (and money) whilst keeping the customer as your centre focus.


From biometrics to GDPR & SOC 2, our system keeps your pax data safe and helps prevent fraud.


Designed around modern life each step has been simplified for an enhanced experience and speeding up data sharing.


Organising a flight has never been easier with all aspects clearly displayed and accessible to all parties - no more searching for emails.

Why AvıoNexus?

Get paid faster

Our Crew interface automatically lets crew see changes and updates in real-time. Not only that but we provide pictures of the passengers so that the crew know exactly who to meet in on arrival and we make life easier by allowing each passenger to select their meal options in advance as well as easily advising of any allergies or if they are bringing pets on board without having to fire emails back and forth

Speeding up the Process

We are familiar with the issues facing you: receiving passport data various non-secure formats - which is why we created a tool to solve that. Using the AvıoNexus platform, passport information is scanned, avoiding transposition errors, formatted and stored securely.

GDPR Compliance

Security is at the core of what we do. We encrypt our data to bank levels of protection as standard and use encryption keys throughout the whole data storage process. We built our system using the "Security by design" principals.


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10 March, 2021

COVID-19 Results on AvıoNexus

By using AvıoNexus, private jet operators and brokers can enable passengers to upload their COVID-19 test results in order to comply with pre-travel health...

10 February, 2021

AvıoNexus Wins Award

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